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With extended shopping hours at Marks & Spencer and 24 hour opening with Tesco, The Meadows Shopping Centre is the ideal destination for all your shopping needs. So take advantage and shop when it's convenient for you - seven days a week. You can enjoy browsing the fabulous Marks and Spencer store from 8 in the morning until 9 at night most days and Tesco is open day and night for four days. Check the opening times below for precise times.

Road Access

Situated just off the M3 near the historic town of Sandhurst, this large site has a catchment area that extends across a wide area in Hampshire and beyond. There are two atrium areas available to exhibitors, including a large main atrium which can house larger promotions.

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Tesco Express

Tesco Extra

MONDAY 00:01 24:00
FRIDAY 24 hr  
SATURDAY 00:00 22:00
SUNDAY 11:00 17:00

Petrol Station Open 24hrs a Day

M and S


MONDAY 08:00 22:00
TUESDAY 08:00 22:00
WEDNESDAY 08:00 22:00
THURSDAY 08:00 22:00
FRIDAY 08:00 22:00
SATURDAY 08:00 22:00
SUNDAY 10:00 16:30

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